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What redirect/targeting options are available?

Last updated on August 28, 2023


Direct Redirection

A direct redirection method redirects the user without any intermediate page. This is done via the server redirect. When sharing the link having a direct method, crawlers will fetch directly the target page. When using a pixel with direct method, a page is shown briefly before redirection and it is required for the pixel to work.

Frame Redirection

The frame redirection method is useful when you want to cloak a website like an affiliate page. It will show bar at the top with the site information, an ad slot and some buttons to share or close the frame.

Note that some websites do not work with this method because of a security rule that forces browsers to hinder iframes.

Splash Redirection

The splash page is an intermediate page very useful to give the user a preview of the page they are about to be redirected. It serves as a measure of protection and gives the user some time to react and decide whether they want to continue or not.

Custom Splash Redirection

The custom splash redirect is a premium feature that allows customers to create their own promotional page and associate it to a short link. A user going through the custom splash page will see a promotional page briefly before being redirected.

Overlay Redirection

The overlay feature is a cool feature that allows you to use dynamic lead widgets. It uses the same principal as the frame method but without the top bar. Instead it injects some cool widgets like a popup message, contact form and a poll.


Geo Targeting (States & Country)

You can define a different url for different countries and states. For example, if you want to target people in New York, USA, you can define a different link for this group and all others will be redirected to the main url.

Device Targeting

Similar to the Geo Targeting, the device targeting allows you to target specific devices like different operating systems or mobile phones.

Language Targeting

Language Targeting works in the same way as the previous options however it will redirect users based on their browser language.

Note At the moment there is a certain priority for these features. Language -> Device -> Geo. For example if you define both a Geo Targeting for New York to and a Language Targeting for English to then the language targeting will be prioritized so users from New York with English set as their browser language will be redirected to

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