May 14, 2024
14 mins read

14. May 2024

-Added the ability to upload images for Bio Pages or use Emojis

-Added QR COde readability warning when logo is too large

-Fixed an issue where only starred channels were shown

-Fixed an issue with the left menu


02. May 2024

-Added Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + K) to quickly shorten links in the Dashboard

-Added automatic deep links when shortening a link from a supported provider

-Added embedded QR Code logos

-Added bulk QR Code generator

-Added the ability to download QR Codes in bulk

-Added the language selector to the top of the homepage

-Added the ability to toggle the verified badge per Bio Page

-Added the ability to view and filter for activity for individual links in the stats page

-Improved Bio Pages and made the saving process easier

-Improved dashboard UI and various elements

-Improved the ability to add company name and tax ID

-Improved affiliate system

-Fixed a bug with the affiliate system

-Fixed various minor bugs


29. April 2024

-Users can now use their own domain with all urltiger services

-Added as new Domain for paying and free users

-Added and as new Domains for paying users


09. February 2024

-Fixed an issue where the device was not being detected properly in analytics


06. February 2024

-Improved API

-Improved automatic fill of login, registration and forgot password forms

-Improved overall performance

-Improved various UI elements

-Improved Affiliate Page in user Dashboard

-Fixed a bug with Bio Pages

-Fixed the sensitive content message for Bio Pages

-Fixed the transparent QR background when using frames

-Fixed minor issues


17. January 2024

-Released our API for all registered users


14. January 2024

-Improved overall Performance

-Improved various UI Elements

-Fixed an issue with an overlay color

-Fixed an issue with FAQs in Bio Page widgets

-Fixed minor Bio Page issues


20. December 2023

-Added a public QR Generator on the QR Product Page

-Added the ability to set logos within QR Codes

-Added the ability to use your username as affiliate tag

-Added the ability to remove and sort social networks in Bio Pages

-Added Whatsapp, Viber, and Spotify in Bio Pages social networks

-Added support for Spotify albums

-Added the ability to request a 2FA reset

-Added the ability to search for shortened URLs via API

-Added the ability to set Deep Links, Channels, and Pixels via the Link API

-Improved QR Product Page

-Improved Bio Page Product Page

-Improved overall UI

-Improved overall Performance

-Fixed an issue with the email type for QR Codes

-Fixed various small issues

-Fixed an issue where the splash matrix in QR Codes was causing an issue


10. November 2023

-Improved Bio Page Widgets

-Fixed an issue where the Bio Page preview was not sticking correctly on smaller screens

-Fixed an issue where the campaigns rotator was not working if an URL was not active

-Fixed A/B testing overriding the main link in some instances


08. November 2023

-Added missing translations for the German language


01. November 2023

-Added deep linking for links

-Added Opentable Widget for Bio Pages

-Added Eventbrite Widget for Bio Pages

-Added Snapchat Widget for Bio Pages

-Added the ability to search for Bio Page Widgets

-Added the ability to limit Bio Page blocks per country

-Added the ability to limit Bio Page blocks per language

-Added the ability to schedule Bio Page blocks

-Added the ability to gate Bio Page link block for sensitive content

-Added the ability to gate Bio Page link block for newsletter subscription

-Added the ability to toggle off Bio Page block

-Added a new Share Icon for Bio Pages with a QR Code

-Added Fontawesome 6 Support for Bio Pages

-Added the ability to choose a Domain for Campaigns

-Improved various Bio Page Widgets

-Improved Bio Page System overall

-Improved various UI Elements

-Improved overall performance

-Fixed various small issues


13. September 2023

-Fixed an issue with pie graphs on campaign stats

-Fixed an issue with affiliate links

-Improved FAQs Widget for Bio Pages

-Improved various Bio Page Widgets

-Added Google Maps Widget to Bio Pages


5. September 2023

-Fixed several small bugs

-Improved various UI Elements

-Improved Affiliate Tracking

-Improved Analytics Charts

-Improved QR Code Creation

-Added Threads Social Link for Bio Pages

-Added Threads Post to Bio Pages

-Added Spotify Podcasts to Bio Pages

-Added TikTok Profile to Bio Pages

-Added Calendly Widget to Bio Pages

-Added Redirection based on devices for QR Codes

- Added new QR Code frames


22. August 2023

-Fixed several small bugs

-Improved overall performance

-Improved various UI Elements

-Improved Bio Pages

-Improved Dashboard UI

-Added In-Dashboard Link Statistics

-Added Support for Emojis in Bio Pages

-Added Reddit Widget to Bio Pages

-Added Typeform Widget to Bio Pages

-Added animated themes to Bio Pages

-Added custom themes to Bio Pages


Previous Changes, Improvements and New Features are not listed here.